This morning when I woke up and checked the weather app on my phone, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it was going to be 71 degrees today because that meant I could break out my Chacos for the first time this season! My Chacos are an accessory I frequently wear in warm weather.


Chacos are footwear for the outdoor-minded. They are simple, versatile products that provide superior comfort and durability. The company believes that life is enriched through outdoor adventure, travel, and community. I agree wholeheartedly.  If you are looking for a rugged sandal, I recommend you consider buying a pair.


Chacos come in various sandal styles ranging from Classic Z (simple and durable), Z/Cloud (performance with advanced comfort), and Z/Volv (lightweight and modern). You can get any of the three with single or multiple straps, and with or without the toe strap. They all come in a wide variety of neutral and vibrant hues.


One interesting fact about Chacos is that they are made right here is the U.S. in Rockford, Mich. There, they do ReChaco repair, which is a system they have implemented where you can send in your worn out Chacos to get refurbished. They also do MyChacos custom designs.


This past Easter, my mom gave me a gift card to I was so excited! I had wanted a pair of Chacos ever since my best friend from GSP, Sam, wore them every day. I went online, and immediately found the “MyChacos” tab. This let me create my very own custom Chacos!


The back strap is my favorite part because it has mountains, which has special meaning to me since I am from Pikeville, Ky., and it is cut in the middle of mountains. Our city’s motto is “the City that moves mountains.” (Hence the name of my blog being Mountain Elements).


I’m so obsessed I even took my senior pictures in my Chacos.


I love the dirt on my Chacos because it symbolizes every adventure I have taken – from the beach to Natural Bridge and now the UofL campus. My Chacos represent my adventure, called life! Chacos are a great accessory, and I strongly urge you to invest in a pair if you haven’t already. Buy some quick, so you can get started on your Chaco tan lines!



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