The 10 Commandments for College Students

Easter is less than a week away, and that got me thinking. One of our Easter traditions at home is to watch “The Ten Commandments.” When in college, there are also certain guidelines we students should follow to survive this crazy time in our lives. I give you “The 10 Commandments for College Students”!

  1. Honor thy professors.

Life will go a whole lot easier if you don’t question what they tell you to do… and ALWAYS read the syllabus.

2. Thou shalt not use a source in a paper without properly citing it.

Plagiarism will get you kicked out of school, so don’t try it. APA, MLA, Chicago – so many styles, so little time.

  1. Thou shall purchase expensive textbooks you will never use.

Use the book as a door stop instead of a reference. We’ve all been there. At least, you will probably get $4.95 in book buy-back at the end of the semester.

  1. Thou shall not sleep.

Never getting enough sleep is basically a given when in college. There’s always something you should be doing rather than sleeping.


  1. Thou shall wait until the night before to study for an exam.

So many regrets. But, for some reason, we all keep trying it. Maybe we like living on the edge. Maybe we like failing. Procrastination is a college sport.

  1. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s GPA.

There’s no reason to want something you aren’t willing to work hard to achieve. Raise your own GPA instead of worrying about others’.

  1. Thou shall survive on caffeine and pizza alone.

Coffee is a way of life. And, when you go to UofL, like me, it’s Papa Johns. All day. Every day.


  1. Thou bank account shall always be overdrawn.

It’s a good day when you check your bank account and you think you have $1.00 and you really have $3.00!


  1. Thou shall worship the teams of your college and have no other teams before them.

Every t-shirt in your closet probably has your school’s insignia plastered on the front in big bold school colors. For my friends and me, it’s red and black all the way! Go Cards!


  1. Thou shall not cheat.

You know, they never prosper.




10 Ways to Know You Grew Up in a Small Town

Miranda Lambert – Famous In A Small Town

Miranda Lambert sings, “Everybody dies famous in a small town.” Being home this week for spring break reminded me of some things that make my small hometown charming in its own special way. Here’s my “10 Ways to Know You Grew Up in a Small Town”!I-come-from-a-small-town.jpg

  1. If it’s not at Walmart, you don’t need it… and sometimes you go just for the fun of it (and you know you’ll run into at least three people you know when you go). A trip to Wally World always makes the day special.
  2. Friday night sporting events are mandatory, even if you don’t like sports. Everyone in town will be in the stands at football games in the fall and basketball games in the winter. Go, team!
  3. When the festival comes to town, it’s everyone’s favorite time of year. In my hometown of Pikeville, KY, we have the annual Hillbilly Days festival. The small town transforms with thousands of out-of-town visitors and hundreds of vendors to celebrate our heritage while we support the Shriners. Nothing beats eating a funnel cake while you stand in line to ride the Gravitron!
  4. The fanciest dinner you can get is a hot dog and a shake at the local dairy bar. My home town favorite is Dorsie’s Dairy Bar. Yum!
  5. You can’t get away with anything because everyone knows your mom. So, I learned quickly not to even try it. 17321569_10212598212458917_2092664820_n
  6. You’re forced to pool through your best friend’s exes for date options because there aren’t enough decent men in your town… and at least that’s better than dating your cousin.17274716_10212598246539769_671538826_n
  7. Everyone has one of three last names. In my small town, everyone seems to be a Justice, Thacker, or McCoy (and they’re the real McCoy). Family reunions are basically a whole county-wide celebration.
  8. Who needs a movie when you can four-wheel up a mountain and stare at the stars?
  9. If you’re broken down on the side of the road, there will always be someone willing to help you get where you’re going. Someone who knows you will probably stop, but in a small town, people who don’t even know you jump to lend a hand.
  10. They say everything you need to know you learn in kindergarten. In a small town, you make forever friends when you’re only 5 years old. You rely on them while you grow up and become your own person. I met my BFF when I was only 4, and I know she will always be there for me when I need her, even if we don’t go to the same school.

It’s kind of a bummer that the nearest mall is about 2 hours away from my hometown. When people ask where I’m from, I have to pull out a map to show them. These things are just fine by me because you can take the girl out of the mountains, but you can’t take the mountains out of the girl. images


How to Celebrate S.A.D.


I can almost smell the flowers now that I won’t be receiving tomorrow… almost… Singles Awareness Day (S.A.D.) is a holiday celebrated by single people. It serves as a complement to Valentine’s Day for us single people. On Singles Awareness Day, we singles must gather to celebrate (or commiserate) in our single status. We don’t need to be in a relationship to celebrate life, right?? Here are some innovative ways to combat the loneliness this Feb. 14!



Take your mind off the fact that you’re probably forever alone, and worry about bigger problems. Go volunteer for a worthwhile cause.  Give to others by spreading your love.  It’ll put you in a better mood by the end of the day, no doubt!


Treat Yourself

My personal motto is treat yourself because you deserve it! Buy yourself a heart-shaped pizza and eat the whole thing. Krispy Kreme has heart-shaped donuts, too. Or, you could always get a box of chocolate covered strawberries delivered to yourself (or send some to me… here’s the link… Shari’s Berries).


Road Trip

Pile all your single friends in your car and start driving! No need for a GPS, just start bumping to a playlist of empowering songs and hit the open road.


Watch a Horror Movie

You do not have to watch a sappy love story or romantic comedy on Valentine’s Day to remind you of your loneliness. You’re better than that. Instead, go for the less obvious choice — a horror movie. Get your scare on to take your mind off the day of love.


Go Bowling

Bowling is a classic in my opinion. You’ve already struck out when it’s come to your love life, so you should be a pro by now who’s able to knock down some pins.


Hopefully this list gave you a few ideas about how to spend your S.A.D. tomorrow. If you remember nothing I’ve written, remember this — don’t forget to buy yourself some of that half-priced candy on Wednesday.

Life Lessons I Learned from Football


I have always been a football fan. As we inch closer and closer to next Sunday’s Super Bowl LI vs. the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons, I am reminded that growing up watching football has taught me some relevant life lessons.  So, get in the super fan spirit and read these ten life lessons I learned from football!


  1. The best offense is a good defense.

Life isn’t a one-way street. It isn’t all about scoring. It’s all fun and games if you can score 100 points and all, but if the other team can score 101, then all your good offense is irrelevant. Work on defending yourself against others. Know yourself to be able to defend your positions.


2. Don’t jump off-sides.

Patience is a virtue. Don’t jump the gun. Good things come to those who wait!


  1. If you have one job, do it well. Kickers have one job, but they are often the ones that win the whole game.

You don’t have to be great at a plethora of skills.  Pursue one passion, and do it to the best of your ability. And for the love of God, don’t miss your field goal attempt.


  1. Hard work beats talent.

You can have all the natural born skill in the world, but if you do nothing to hone in on your talents and work hard to improve them, a determined person will beat you out.


  1. No one likes a poor sport.

Being a sore winner won’t score you any favors with anyone, and it sure won’ help you in the popularity department. Be humble not boastful, always.


  1. Leadership is important. Just ask the QB.

For all great entities, there is a strong leader backing them up. Be the best type of person you can be, and others will seek you as a source of inspiration. The quarterback is the team’s leader. It’s not easy to take that responsibility, but there are great rewards for those who rise to the challenge.


  1. Inches matter.

When it’s 4th and inches, getting that first down is what’s most important. Pay attention to detail. The little things in life really can add up to the big ones.


  1. Don’t break the rules.

Break a rule and get a flag. Remember, cheaters never win, and winners never cheat. It will catch up to you in the long run, I promise. So, just don’t do it.


  1. Teamwork makes the dream work.

There is nothing in this world more powerful than a group of people with motivation who share a common goal. Working collaboratively gets much more accomplished than working on your own. Go, team!


  1. Never give up.

Anything can happen in the last two minutes of a football game. I have witnessed this many a time. Hail Mary passes, turnovers, and special team big plays can change a game in the final seconds. Life is the same way. Never give up on your goal. If you work hard and believe, nothing can stand in your way.


I hope this list got you in the Super Bowl spirit. All that’s left to do now is get your favorite snacks, gather some friends, and get ready for the big game!

The Top 5 Reasons to Join a Sorority


I know that transitioning into college can be a rough time for just about anyone. After putting my first semester in the books, I can say with confidence that there has been one thing to make all the difference for me when it comes to my college experience-my sorority. If you’re on the fence about whether to join a sorority as Spring recruitment rolls around, or you just want a reminder about how great Greek life is, look at my Top 5 Reasons to Join a Sorority!


      1. Sisterhood

The minute you receive your bid, there are over a hundred girls that instantly become your greatest friends (and your greatest fans on Instagram). This may sound cliché, but it’s the truth. The loyalty you can find out of each one of your sisters is unparalleled. No matter what you may feel like doing on a Saturday night, you will have a sister who wants to join you. Plus, once you get a Big, you have a whole family who is always willing to create amazing memories with you by their side. I was very lucky because my random roommate became my sorority sister, and now, she is my greatest friend in the entire world. I owe that to my sorority.


2. Personal Development

You can never have too many items to go on your resume, and sorority membership on one can seriously make you stand out to your future employers. Your sisters always push you to be the greatest version of yourself. No matter how monstrous of a goal you set, you will be encouraged to achieve it. Sometimes, you cannot see your own self-worth, but your sisters always can. Being a sorority woman means being a leader. Greek life provides members an opportunity to gain leadership experience within the chapter. I have had the honor of already becoming an officer within my sorority, and it has helped me grow by leaps and bounds.


3. Academic Support

Chances are you’ll walk in to your classes on the first day of the semester and see one of your sorority sisters sitting in the room. There will always be at least one woman with your major in your sorority, so this means instant study buddies! Usually your sorority will also set you up with one of these women to be your academic mentor. Your sisters are always willing to lend you a calculator, book, notes, or tissues when you need them. Sorority women have a GPA that they must attain, so this pushes you to do your absolute best. I know first-hand that a late night in the library is no match for my sisters and me!


4. Networking

Networking skills are not something to be taken lightly. The networking skills you learn in your sorority can carry with you the rest of your life. Socializing is a great part of the Greek experience, but what many people do not realize is that the social connections you make can, in turn, become a network for the years to come. While being in a sorority, you learn to interact with everyone you come across in a polite and professional way. I have already gained powerful friendships and opportunities through my sisters both in and outside the organization.


5. You Make a Difference

Something amazing that Greek life is involved in is philanthropy. Each organization may help many different groups, but each will have one specific main cause that it holds philanthropic events to raise money and awareness. I have first-hand seen the monumental difference that a group of passionate woman can make toward a worthy cause. It’s great to see how each separate Greek organization pulls together to help the others during events throughout the semester! Our philanthropic event was my favorite night of the fall semester.


Greek life offers something for everyone, and I encourage each of you to give it a real chance. I am an independent woman and a confident leader because I am a sorority woman. I know without a doubt that I am the best version of myself when I am with my sisters. Some girls have all the luck, and I know that I do because I found my perfect fit in my sorority.