The Top 5 Reasons to Join a Sorority


I know that transitioning into college can be a rough time for just about anyone. After putting my first semester in the books, I can say with confidence that there has been one thing to make all the difference for me when it comes to my college experience-my sorority. If you’re on the fence about whether to join a sorority as Spring recruitment rolls around, or you just want a reminder about how great Greek life is, look at my Top 5 Reasons to Join a Sorority!


      1. Sisterhood

The minute you receive your bid, there are over a hundred girls that instantly become your greatest friends (and your greatest fans on Instagram). This may sound cliché, but it’s the truth. The loyalty you can find out of each one of your sisters is unparalleled. No matter what you may feel like doing on a Saturday night, you will have a sister who wants to join you. Plus, once you get a Big, you have a whole family who is always willing to create amazing memories with you by their side. I was very lucky because my random roommate became my sorority sister, and now, she is my greatest friend in the entire world. I owe that to my sorority.


2. Personal Development

You can never have too many items to go on your resume, and sorority membership on one can seriously make you stand out to your future employers. Your sisters always push you to be the greatest version of yourself. No matter how monstrous of a goal you set, you will be encouraged to achieve it. Sometimes, you cannot see your own self-worth, but your sisters always can. Being a sorority woman means being a leader. Greek life provides members an opportunity to gain leadership experience within the chapter. I have had the honor of already becoming an officer within my sorority, and it has helped me grow by leaps and bounds.


3. Academic Support

Chances are you’ll walk in to your classes on the first day of the semester and see one of your sorority sisters sitting in the room. There will always be at least one woman with your major in your sorority, so this means instant study buddies! Usually your sorority will also set you up with one of these women to be your academic mentor. Your sisters are always willing to lend you a calculator, book, notes, or tissues when you need them. Sorority women have a GPA that they must attain, so this pushes you to do your absolute best. I know first-hand that a late night in the library is no match for my sisters and me!


4. Networking

Networking skills are not something to be taken lightly. The networking skills you learn in your sorority can carry with you the rest of your life. Socializing is a great part of the Greek experience, but what many people do not realize is that the social connections you make can, in turn, become a network for the years to come. While being in a sorority, you learn to interact with everyone you come across in a polite and professional way. I have already gained powerful friendships and opportunities through my sisters both in and outside the organization.


5. You Make a Difference

Something amazing that Greek life is involved in is philanthropy. Each organization may help many different groups, but each will have one specific main cause that it holds philanthropic events to raise money and awareness. I have first-hand seen the monumental difference that a group of passionate woman can make toward a worthy cause. It’s great to see how each separate Greek organization pulls together to help the others during events throughout the semester! Our philanthropic event was my favorite night of the fall semester.


Greek life offers something for everyone, and I encourage each of you to give it a real chance. I am an independent woman and a confident leader because I am a sorority woman. I know without a doubt that I am the best version of myself when I am with my sisters. Some girls have all the luck, and I know that I do because I found my perfect fit in my sorority.